Frequently Asked Questions


How do I register?

Go to the registration page and choose the ticket option you are interested in. Follow the prompts from there.


Why should I attend MBLU?

MBLU is a 1-3 day conference that focuses on romance lovers. It is a great opportunity to hang out with some of your favorite authors and fellow book lovers, it’s also a great way to find new authors to read.


How does attending help me as an author?

The best way to become known as an author is to connect with readers and get your name out there. Between the various events and the book signing, this is a great way to come in contact with numerous readers who may be interested in your books.


What do I need to do as an attending author?

Be sure you are in the MBLU Author Facebook group. There is where we will have lots of information regarding attending as an author. From there, we’ll guide you towards the best conference experience ever.


Do I need to reserve a room at the MBLU venue? If so, how do I do that? 

The simple answer is no but we do encourage it as some of the events do run late and navigating back and forth can be cumbersome however it is not required. If you do want a room, go to our Venue page and follow the link to reserve your room.


What should I bring for swag?

Each attending author will have their own 6′ table so feel free to bring items to fill it up. Books, bookmarks, key chains, shot glasses, chap stick, pens, etc. There are no requirements for this but it is encouraged as it will draw readers to your table.


I’m an author but I won’t have my first book published until after the convention

MBLU is open to all published authors. Whether you are brand new author with only 1 book published or a multi-published author and both Indie and traditional are welcome however you must be currently published to attend as an author. Please wait until after you have at least one book published and on the market before signing up as an author. You may sign up as a reader in the meantime.


I don’t have print copies of my book(s), I only do eBook. Should I still attend the signing?

This is your choice. You are free, as an attending author, to occupy a table during the signing and give out swag, etc but you are not required to do so. Please notify Leagh at info@midwesternbookloversunite.com if you are NOT going to need a table, otherwise it will be assumed you are.


If you have any additional questions not answered here, feel free to email Leagh at info@midwesternbookloversunite.com.